Roofline Winsford

When it comes to renewing or replacing your roofline in Winsford there are three things to look out for. The right products, the right people, the right installation.

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Melody Roofline - The Right Products

Melody Roofline use guaranteed top quality Eurocell fascias, soffits and guttering.

  • 18mm Ogee Fascia Boards
  • 18mm Standard Fascia
  • 16mm Bull Nosed Fascia
  • Vented Soffit Boards
  • 9mm Flat Soffit Boards
  • Hollow Soffits
  • Half Round Guttering
  • Square Lined Guttering
  • Ogee Guttering
  • Deep Flow Guttering
  • Ship-lap Cladding
  • 9mm Smooth Joint Cladding
  • Matching Box End Boards
  • Choice of Corner Trims

Different specification soffits, fascias, cladding and guttering suit different property types. For example, mid terrace properties may need heavier duty guttering but lighter soffits than detached homes due to the interplay of rain, sleet, snow and wind on the building. Melody Roofline can advise on choosing the right specification roofline products for your home. The choice of colour and style is all your own.


Melody Roofline - The Right People

Melody Roofline has worked hard to earn a great reputation for providing the best products at the best price with the best customer service. Our products and our workmanship is guaranteed. We employ skilled, qualified and experienced builders and craftsmen.

Melody Roofline - The Right Installation

Every installation provides its own challenges and problems. At Melody Roofline we love a challenge and have all the experience required for roofline problem solving.

Conservatories – Accessing fascias, soffits and guttering above conservatories, orangeries and sun-rooms can prove to be difficult for the most competent home handyman, DIY-er and even some building companies we have come across. Melody Roofline do not take chances with our customers homes. Our skilled and experience builders will erect scaffolding to bridge across conservatories and other hazards wherever necessary.

Power Lines – Power lines, telephones lines, television aerials and other cables often enter the building at the roofline level. Melody Roofline coordinate our work with electricity suppliers and others to ensure all electrical and power lines are safely sleeved at all points.

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